Like any other venture, building portfolio photography website is a daunting task. It’s trickier than building just a business website since it takes a lot more time, effort, monetary investment and a whole lot of creativity. A typical website usually has a definite structure, which encompasses a header, footer, navigation menu and in some cases, a side bar. However, when building up a portfolio photography website, you’re not restricted to the features mentioned earlier. You’ll get more attention with creativity, while still focusing on the primary objective. Having said that, here are the top tips for creating a high converting portfolio photography website:

  • Keep your target audience in mind when developing portfolio photography websites

Your portfolio website must align with your target demographic. If you’re looking to create a wedding portfolio photography website, suffice to implement a white, clean and easy to use portfolio. It should typically include white features, with beautiful flowers and sun rays. If you intend to focus on fashion photography, a hip shoot and popular subjects will be ideal.

  • Start off by offering photos for free when looking to build up your portfolio photography website fast

People go to great lengths to get their businesses up and running. They provide free services to entice customers to their business. Your photography website is not an exception. When starting out, no one trusts you, so they are not willing to buy your products before they sample them out. This is why you should consider giving out free photos or photo shoots to family or select clients to introduce your business. Once you’ve started getting traffic to your website, start charging a minimum fee.

  • Always offer high-resolution images to supercharge your portfolio photography website

Quality is the hallmark of successful photography sites. Make sure to select the best images for your portfolio photography website. The key to achieving quality images for commercial use is to always edit them down before listing on your portfolio. Remember that the kind of photos you list on your photography website will determine whether you get clients or not.

  • Get a professional opinion about your photography website photos

Another professional photographer is vital to ironing out your portfolio photography website’s mistakes. The second pair of eyes will tell you where your site photos fall short and give you a lot more confidence. They may also make you like what you didn’t like before about your work. Take the criticism and correct where necessary. You’ll soon come up with a portfolio photography website that is liked by both you and potential customers.

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