Many photography website owners go to great lengths in order to hypnotize customers to buy their images for commercial use. One of the techniques they employ is uploading music that automatically plays when a potential customer opens their page. While this may work in some situations, it almost always turns out to be a total disaster for your website. The truth is everyone has their tastes and preferences when it comes to music, and your choice may only frustrate, irritate and annoy them. Here’s why photography website music may increase your bounce rate and negatively impact the growth of your photography website:

·      Online searchers attach so much value on silence when scouring photography websites to find the one photo they like

We are in a world that’s already saturated with noise. Vehicles are whizzing by, mobile devices, television, radio, technological gadgets always producing sound now and then and so on. Everywhere we turn, there is noise. So people just like to find quiet places to relax, make calls, chat or buy products online. Imagine what might happen if visitors open your page and are met with another irritating music? They might quickly reach for the mute button on their devices or simply click away from your website. Keep this in mind when creating a photography website.

·      Music tastes and preferences vary widely, and your photography website visitors may be turned off if the music doesn’t resonate with them

The truth is music tastes vary considerably. Teens may gravitate towards strong music like rock, hip hop, R&B and pop. The old would slant towards soft music like country music. So your preference may not resonate with your potential customers, and they might bounce off your website never to return.

·      Copyright aspects may impact your photography websites

You may upload automatically-playing music to your photography website unaware of copyright laws about them. This could result in Google bringing down your site. There are certain laws governing uploading and sharing music, and infringing on them could land you in trouble. Just like royalty free stock photos allow you to use the photos and not share them, certain kinds of music require you to do the same or pay for the rights to use and share them.


While uploading automatically-playing music can have its upsides, the downsides certainly outweigh them. This is why it’s highly recommended that you don’t include music in your photography website business. If you have to include music, then it’s ideal not to make it automatic. This will allow customers who don’t like music to pass and those who like it to go on and listen while shopping.