Most bloggers and entrepreneurs need high-quality stock photos. But unfortunately, most free high-quality stock photos cost lots of money.

However, you some websites offer beautiful, high-quality stock photos. And what’s more? They are free.

Here in this post, I would give you seven website you can get free, high-quality stock photos.

  1. Unsplash. Unsplash is a great site that offers a large collection of high-quality stock photos for free. Unsplash is also one of the best sources for stock images. All the photos on Unsplash are released for free under the Unsplash license.
  1. is also a great website that offers beautiful high quality and beautiful stock photos. is a very nice site that has a very handy search feature making it very easy to browse through the different images available.

  1. Burst. Burst is a great resource from Shopify that offers free high-quality stock photos. The good thing is that all photos are licensed under Creative Common CC0. That means you can use the photos as you see fit. Burst was launched by Shopify to help entrepreneurs, bloggers, etc. to make better marketing campaigns, websites, and products. Most of the photos on Burst are original photos.
  1. Negative Space. Negative Space is also an awesome website that gives you access to a large collection of free high-resolution photos. Negative space uploads twenty new high-resolution photos every week that are released under Creative Common CC0. So you can do whatever you can with the pictures. The pictures on Negative Space are searchable, and they can be sorted by copy space, category, and color.
  1. Gratisography. Gratisography is also an awesome website that offers high-resolution photos that are for free. You can use the pictures from Gratisography for commercial and personal projects. New pictures are added into the site weekly. And the good thing is that the pictures are free of copyright restrictions.
  1. MMT Stock. MMT stock is a very nice website that offers great collections of high-resolution photos. These photos are provided by Jeffrey Betts. All the photos on the website are released under Creative Commons CC0.
  1. Death to Stock Photos. Death to Stock Photos offers great collections of free, high-quality photos that you can use for commercial and personal works. The website uses their license that you can read on their web page.